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Title: Ati Atihan Festival 2015
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The Ati Atihan Festival is dubbed as "The Mother of All Philippine Festival" in Kalibo, Philippines, as the people celebrate th...
The Ati Atihan Festival is dubbed as "The Mother of All Philippine Festival" in Kalibo, Philippines, as the people celebrate the Ati Atihan Festival, to remember the peace between the earliest inhabitants of the island. It is traditionally celebrated from January 9 to 18 annually.

During the festival, the streets are filled with oddly dressed filipino's dancing and making music. Most cover their bodies in soot to imitate the Ati-tribe, which still lives in the backwoods of Panay. 
Major highlights of the festival, on January 9, 2015 Mutya it Kalibo Ati Atihan Pageant Night and Coronation Night, January 12, 2015 Aklan Festivals Parade, Kalibo Trade Fair & Street Bazaar, January 17, 2015 Ati Atihan Tribal Big and Small, Balik-Ati, Modern Groups, Individual Street Dancing Contest are some of the activities for the whole duration of the festivals. For the full schedule please see details below.

Schedule of Events

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How to get to Kalibo?

You can reach Kalibo via three main mode of transportation are as follows

By Air

Air travel to Kalibo from Manila is about 45 minutes on a daily schedule with four airline companies flying: the Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air and Airphil Expres. Kalibo is also the jumping off point for many international travellers heading to Boracay.
Kalibo International Airport is about ten minutes from the main plaza.

By Sea

Kalibo at the moment does not have any major port or wharf, but the four ports throughout the province are accessible. Three shipping companies (MBRS, Moreta Shipping Lines and Negros Navigation) service Aklan passengers going to and from Manila, Capiz and Romblon. The New Washington port is 20 minutes away from Kalibo, while the port of Dumaguit, also in New Washington can be reached in an hour. Batan port is accessible via Dumaguit and Altavas while travel time to Malay port is approximately two hours. Travel time from Manila to Aklan is 14 to 18 hours through sea travel. The Caticlan Jetty Port is now part of the Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) Strong Republic Nautical Highway which connects Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and it traverses the municipality of Kalibo going to Capiz and Romblon.

By Land

Public transportation around the city is by tricycle, taxi, multicab and jeepneys. Kalibo is 160 kilometers from Iloilo City, 90 kilometers from Roxas City, and 175 kilometers from San Jose, Antique. Land travel from Iloilo City to Kalibo takes approximately two and a half to three hours, one and a half hours from Roxas City, and three to five hours from San Jose, Antique. All are accessible by bus and minivans. Trips to Caticlan range from 50 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the mode of transportation.


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