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Title: Sangbay Falls, truly a bliss
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Naguilian, La Union I was fascinated, excited, and really is simply anxious in trekking the rustic and lush green forest of Gusing Sur, on...
Naguilian, La Union

I was fascinated, excited, and really is simply anxious in trekking the rustic and lush green forest of Gusing Sur, one of the barangays in the Municipality of Naguilian, known to be the Home of the Original Basi, an inset town of the garden coast Province of La Union. I have learned from local residents, that there is a magnificent and pristine clear waterfall cascading the mountains of Gusing Sur and so without much ado, I simply rushed and told my friends about this splendid gift from Mother Nature. I grabbed my camera and together with my friends, we begin this exciting experience.

Driving up north from the town proper as the point of origin via public utility vehicles such as tricycles, jeepneys and private cars, we reached Gusing Sur after passing through Barangay Ortiz, Lioac Sur, and Lioac Norte respectively in a thirty-minute ride. In Barangay Gusing Sur we drove right of the Aspiras waiting shed to Sitio Tawi-tawi for about five to seven minutes in an asphalted and cemented road.

At the end of the cemented road is a trail that leads to the base of the mountains of Gusing Sur. The sweet and warm smiles of the local residents are heart warming, so we waved and smiled back. After a five minutes walk, we arrived at the base of the mountain where we found a swimming lagoon called Pit-il the water of which comes from the top of the mountain where we latter saw another magnificent wonder, the Sangbay Falls. We went further following the trail for about five minutes to a higher part of the mountain of lush greenery and untouched forests with different varieties of fauna and flora. We followed the route where the stream flows down and splashes into big rocks. Truly, God took time to create this unique place. A trek to these mountains is relaxing and enjoyable. The small lagoons and the twin waterfalls found at the midst of the mountain are worth the long hike. We did not stop there for it is an exhilarating experience to get into a higher notch, so we climbed the boulders on the way up, “Whew! It was challenging!” We were astonished by some parts of the stream where slope angled forty five degrees from a perspective point of view, and by the water that descended clearly within the mortar-like that seems to set aside purposely. Though a trek way up to this mountain stream makes you feel thirsty, you can quench your thirst in natural spring water found few meters away from the Sangbay Falls. The commercial bottled water that we brought along with us are nothing compared to the water that we drunk using our hands. We also filled the water bottles with the moderately cold, distinct fresh and sweet tasting to bring it home for my mom at home. We proceeded eagerly with the hike. Finally, we made it to an enthralling waterfall. The words “Wow, this is really amazing” came out of our mouth in wonder. Lucid water drops from the top of the mountain down forming a lagoon base. The water was cold and invigorating and ready for anyone who wishes to take a plunge, we waded in the pool like kids once again.

An hour and thirty minutes of mountain-trekking not to mention the aches, bruises and scratches to your body is worthwhile when you reach the wonderful Sangbay Falls. It has soothing effect to the mind, gives relaxing feeling and a mountain experience of survival of course. We stayed about an hour in the place just to feel the natural bliss of the waterfall. If only we could stay much longer we will but its time to go home. We came down the mountain and this time, we took the short-cut route. We passed lavish green forests, rice paddies, pasture lands and different distinct flora, and with chirping birds, along the way.

A unique place such like this is a favor from God the Creator, Who took time to create such wonders waiting to be discovered and enjoyed despite the fast changing world of modernization. Indeed, SANGBAY FALLS a blissful place.



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