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Title: Tapuakan River
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The Cleanest Inland Body of Water in whole Region 1, Philippines. A favorite destination for both local and foreign tourist wh...
The Cleanest Inland Body of Water in whole Region 1, Philippines. A favorite destination for both local and foreign tourist who pass the town of Pugo, La Union. Pugo, is an inlet town from the national highway leading to the Ilocandia Region. The town of PugoGarden Coast of the Province of La Union. having its diversified nature and rustic green forest, untouched, and having its pride water resource its own river. Nevertheless, Pugo is one of the smallest towns of the

Tapuakan River is no other kind of water that I know of. Compared to Anawangin River of San Antonio, Pundaquit, Zambales which I been for about past seven months ago. It has crystal clear water that even fishes can see in the naked of an eye. I went to this place twice already and willing to go back again every chance I can get. The fresh water from mountain top to the mainstream of the river, bumping into stones, engulfing into the calves of hard stones that are tact along the pathway of the water. Sounds invigorating aren’t it? But true. When I heard the name of this river, I thought a place that water is falling from the side cliff of the mountain and/or sloping down. In an Ilocano term the word “tapuakan” means a place where one can jump as high. Well basing from an interview from the local residents and government employees it used to be like (what I thought of) that before but now it’s gone and change the course of the mountain water path. The name retains as it was before.

Locals do always come here, groups and groups of students also come here, for the fun and relaxing moments, for pleasures and also by means of living catching live fishes as such tilapia, hito, small crab and among other elements that are taken in the river.

From the Municipal Hall of Pugo one must drive a fifteen minute to reach the peak of the mountain which serves as the entrance to the Tapuakan River. Once reached the top peak of the mountain, a trail walk from peak to the sloping side - going down to reached the magnificent destination the river. The pathway leading to the river has been developed for the tourists, its pathway are cemented and have siding bars to grab with while walking down or walking up.

Once you there, you can smell the fresh air rushing to your face, and the sounds that can relax you as you hear it. You can’t resist in having to wade and swim in river. But some parts have strong current that can push you through the stone that if you don’t know you might hurt bump yourself – be extra careful but if it’s low raise river water its good -manageable it is.

But before going to this place…take a plan and fixed your food for as soon as you rise from the river water you will feel hungry.

Visit the place if I were you.


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Anonymous said... December 27, 2009 at 9:14 PM

clean river !!!

Danz Cerezo said... April 5, 2017 at 2:50 AM
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Danz Cerezo said... April 5, 2017 at 2:53 AM

Is there comfort rooms already or shower room?
Well be going there next week on holyweek
On our first day in LaUnion

Please reply before next week 😉