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Title: Potttery Capital of Ilocos Region
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San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte I never heard of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte before, I only knew of the town San Nicolas as one of the many towns ...
San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte

I never heard of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte before, I only knew of the town San Nicolas as one of the many towns of Pangasinan which is completely far away from each other. As history dated back, the present name of San Nicolas was given in the year 1733, after Saint Nicholas de Tolentino who was believed to have protected the people against floods, earthquakes, fires, typhoons and other calamities. It is significant that in Ilocos Norte, only San Nicolas was named after a Saint. Back then, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte paved way to its popularity when the place was adjudged as the 1st Runner up in Best Performing Municipality next to Tagudin, Ilocos Sur (Champion) and Naguilian, La Union (2nd Runner up).

San Nicolas is a small town, a landlocked type with 60.11 square kilometers. It is compos
ed of 15 urban and nine rural barangays, and is populated by Ilocanos who descended from the Malayan race.

When entering to the town it directs us to the main urban area which one is perceived by the elegance of an ancient tower stocked like cooking pot, the church and the convent made out of bricks and lime. And in the heart of the town also situated the town plaza which was gardened with beautiful ornamental plants with benches around its corners for the locals and visitors to enjoy the sight while sitting down or cooling off from the a dazzling walk.

I thought that San Nicolas is just a mere place to visit but its not, I see the evolution of economic boom in this part of the Ilocos Norte of course next to Laoag City.

San Nicolas is mainly an agricultural town
their bounty of agricultural produce such as rice, corns, and vegetable crops comes from a vast culture lands. Modernized agriculture and established income-generating industries like iron works, food processing, furniture making and many others are influenced by the regime of the American by which the people of San Nicolas deeply grateful. It's economy greatly improved with the installation of the Coca–Cola Bottling Plant as native folk told.

It is true, after a few walks and sight-seeing I believe that the economic progress of San Nicolas saw in the establishment of medical clinics, recreation facilities, lodging houses and many more. With the help of Venvi Corporation some of the area turned into agro-complex and used as commercial center such as Mall 365 which houses stores, recreational facilities, and other establishments. The Robinson’s Mall complex was built on a 20 hectares land in and it is fully operated was opened the 3rd day of December 2009. The project is also run by the Venvi Corporation.

The old Roman Catholic Church, the beautiful San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church which was built in 1701, speaks of the numerous people who kept the Catholic faith alive despite the turmoil of the past 400 years brought about by calamities that destroyed the church building.

The town's spectacular Damili Festival which held every Christmas time is to acknowledge the main source of their livelihood: Pottery. The people of San Nicolas don’t only utilize ordinary clay in making pots. They use the red variety they call, Damili which is abundant in the Ilocos region. Aside from pots, the red clay is also being used to create the beautiful damili tiles used as flooring for various structures like the Fort Ilocandia Casino and Hotel, Laoag International Airport, and the Marcos Mansion.

While you're in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte accommodations and lodging facilities is not a problem at all. Try to experience a premiere shopping centers that tribe in this small agricultural town, that never been the same on top hotspot shopping centers in the Philippines for the locals of the north, to tourists and travelers that passes by and visit the place.

Bodega Inn San Francisco
* Rooms
* Restaurant

Villa Lydia Inn San Lorenzo
* Function rooms, restaurants, swimming pool
* Credit crads: Diners, FEBTC

The town of San Nicolas takes pride in its rich historical past. It invites you to come and visit the place.

Visit the town's website: San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


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